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The Blue Rafflesis : Part 16 : In front of a Doctor or a Monster


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Part 16 Starts :

“That’s very nice. Congrats!”…Gomez added gleefully. “But still you have not told us about the way we are disturbing you, my friend”

“Oh, Inspector. Please be patient. I am going to disclose. And I will also explain how you can stop this nuisance of yours and be a part of this revolution. As usual, I am a person who knows how to compensate people for the work they have done for society. So you all will be paid also.”…voice stopped for a while. The modulation of the voice at the time of speaking the last two lines seems to be changed towards what we refer to as aggressive.

“I will of course release all three of you and also the other hostages. But you have to promise one thing.”

“What?”..Now Raj interrupted the voice again.

“Just ask your Government to stop meddling in my affairs. I assure you that I will give my entire invention to them. They can earn from it. Your ministers can develop a sustainable and stable government from my discovery. As a result, millions of people will be free of Cancer even if they are at stage 4. Against this, I will not charge a single penny from your government.”

“ will not have any profit from your invention? But then why you are not getting help from your Government now.? I don’t think our government will have any problem to help you become successful in your noble work.”..Mr.Gomex added.

“Yes, I will share it but first let me complete my invention. Due to these repeated raids by the police, CID, CBI, and also by military intelligence, I am facing a lot of trouble in the completion of this revolutionary innovation. Now they have sent three of you also as a mule.

But you know when you are inventing something so significant you must be very much aware of not only the external enemies but for the internal enemies. That is why I am secretly doing the works of the invention. Earlier I had approached Research Wings of different government and nongovernmental organizations. But each one of them had rejected my proposal and also threatened me as a conman who would have dire consequences if I further disturbed them.

Then I start to do it alone. But I do not have money or power. So my every attempt to see my invention become a reality failed miserably. After that, I decided to adopt the next way available to me. But my determination to see this medicine as reality was strong. So I find a place in a small town college near the Simlipal Reserves. Now I have accomplished the main model and am trying to develop the capsule from the extracts of Blue Rafflesia.”

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My Tryst with Nature : The Chandra Forest Story Part 4

The story so far: A snake starts to growl from the nearest bush to the tent where we are staying. But no one, not even the experienced villagers was able to find the snake. But why it is angry?

“Now what to do ?” with a voice of submission I replied to the chairman.

“Let me see. Our people have come. You all kindly move away and stand on something that the Cobra can not reach. Because if it suddenly comes out it will try to bite the nearest living creature which it will conceive as a threat.”…looking at my team the Chairman directed.

However one of my teammates refused to agree with the instructions as he is also from a village located in the other part of Bengal. He also joined the search party. I jumped up to the “Khatia” and the other remaining members moved to a distance far away from the bush from where the sound was coming.

However, after three to four hours of searching nothing can be found. So the villagers stop their search and return to their village as within that time the darkness of night is slowly but steadily engulfing the place. When all the villagers returned the chairman told to the two people who were looking after us :

"Please stay here tonight. Don't abandon the city dwellers."...and with a smile, he departs for his village. Thus, we were joined by the two villagers who were taking care of us for the evening. Following the completion of their cooking and our own dinner, we all gathered to talk about the things that had happened today. We built a fire and sat around it, each holding a cup of coffee.

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The Chandra Forest Story Part 3


"...This snake is a cobra which can spit venom but this one is 7 feet long which is quite rare...". The Chandra Story continues. Some snakes are disturbing us in our project in the Chandra Forest.

See Part 2 if you have not yet seen it :

Part 3 : The villagers were astonished to know that nothing had happened last night.
“None of the three animals greeted us last night.”…I replied.
“Look there is no relationship between our discussions about them and they being observant about us. They are animals. They do not know about your beliefs or whether we were discussing them or not. Even if we could have seen them last night then also your belief does not become a reality. It would have been a coincidence that we have seen them. “It’s OK”..the villagers with disbelief and discontent start to work again. They have to do their duty. So they start to prepare our food for breakfast. We got busy with our work. After a while, we were called for the breakfast.
The breakfast comprised four roti, potato fry, and paneer. The taste of the food was ultimate and we were merrily grasping the food along with a sip from the cup of tea provided to us. The tea cup was made of clay which is a very common way of having tea in rural Bengal.
After breakfast two of us start to roam the forest along with one of the villagers. The villager was extremely knowledgeable about the life of the jungles and their inhabitants.
“If you see a team of elephants then there is no need to panic but if you see a single elephant with sprouted incisors then immediately move away from that place as they are unpredictable. The frequency of their visits increases in the winter due to their affinity towards the Mahua juice.
This juice is a wine-like liquor that is popular in these areas."
“Where did the elephants stay during the other season?”
“They stay in the Dalma region of Jharkhand”..replied my friend.
The Chairman who lectured me yesterday gave us another visit. I promptly take my revenge by telling him that none of the three so-called dangers has till now visited us. In reply, he said, “Then you are very fortunate it seems.”. I took this banter sportingly and continued my chit-chats about the Wild Animals.
Suddenly along with the growling of the clouds, rain started to fall and we all had to run inside the tent for shelter. After 10 to 15 minutes of torrential rainfall, the sun comes out.
After the rainfall stopped our adda restarted. Two to three dogs were circling us from the day we started living in the tents. When we're all busy talking, one of the dogs starts barking nonstop. At first, no one cared as dogs could bark due to any silly reason. But when another strange sound was heard from the same direction in which the dog was constantly barking we became conscious.“It can not be another dog as I know how the dogs bark here”..explained the Chairman.
“Then what it is? I have heard the same sound on our first night.” Hearing this the Chairman gets agitated.
"Why have you not reported this before? Do you know who is making this sound? It's the Spitting Cobra, and from the sound of its grumbling, I'm guessing it's at least 7 feet long and is very angry with us for some reason.
"How can you be so sure?".
"My experience"
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"When you are in the Jungle don't think about its dangers or it will become a reality."


Part 1 : Summary of Part 2 The villagers arrived at the camp after the rain receded and the flood water was drawn out. They were worried about the situation due to the rapid increase in rain and water levels. Despite their concerns, they managed to survive the disaster. The village chairman visited the camp and discussed the socio-economic benefits of the project and the presence of wild animals in the jungle. He mentioned that leopards were once frequented but are now rare due to excessive hunting. Elephants are the only members among the big five that can be seen roaming in the forest. The villagers were warned about the dangers of elephants, snakes, and jackals, as they are more dangerous if they are in an agitated mood. They also learned about the poisonous nature of Kraits and Cobras, which can become enraged over anything and attack if provoked. The villagers left the camp early, but the villagers continued to teach them about these dangers. After a sumptuous lunch with rice and chicken kosha, the villagers called the group to leave. They were surprised by the villagers' fear and the belief that if they left early, they would be a "dead man." After dinner, the villagers returned to their beds, and they had a wonderful sleep due to the excellent meal and no interruptions during the night. In the morning, the villagers returned with a frightened look and asked if everything was all right. The villagers were shocked and asked if they had not disturbed them. Subscribe to read more such experiences:

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The Sal Chandra Forest Story Part I


Excerpts from the main article :

....................But before leaving, the villagers were discussing with us the dangers they face from Elephants and Snakes. This jungle and adjacent ranges are used by the Elephants as their path toward the farmlands of the Bankura and Midnapur districts of West Bengal. The herds of elephants visit this place every year after puja to eat the fresh harvest of Ravi Crops. Besides eating their fresh harvest the herd of elephants does not disturb the villagers. They were saying that the problem arises when a tusker or single elephant with a tusk arrives. These elephants were either thrown away from their herd or they have left their herd as there were other leaders. Either way, these elephants popularly known as Tusker due to their teeth are highly dangerous and they can attack anyone even when not provoked at all.

So we were cautioned by them about this Tuskers.

“If you see them only one thing you must do”


“Run towards the road at full speed”

Another problem is the snakes. This area is full of Kraits and Spitting Cobras. Although Kraits will not disturb you and slowly slither away Spitting Cobra is not like them. They will throw poison if they feel threatened by you. So the moment you see then try to find a higher [ace where they can not reach or the poisons thrown at you can not reach.

“Where do the snakes take shelter ?”

“Kraits will take shelter wherever they find a warm moist place and Cobras can seep anywhere. So never go out without any shoes and also please don’t go out in the forest at night.”

“no..we will stay inside the tent only. Just ensure the tent is free of Snakes.”

“ can be assured of that”

After this conversation, they left the place. But we continued our chat. Suddenly with a cracking sound from the clouds above the rain started to fall torrentially.

The rain was so heavy that the entire area, including our camp, was flooded within minutes. Thankfully, the villagers raised the bed considerably, preventing flooding from reaching our bed even in knee-deep water.

“But what about snakes? They will now try to climb our bed to save themselves from the flood.”

One junior member of our team screamed at all of us.

"Yes. That is correct." "But what can be done?" I replied. We don't have alternatives to choose from, and the villagers can't come now because.....Read the full story

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Adventure Series Audio : The Blue Rafflesia Part 14

.....Now Rusa got really agitated. This person, Rohit, is really harassing her. But how can he know so much about the incidents of that unfortunate night? And who are they? Are they from the Police or CID? Are they reporters? Accomplices of Sankar or his rival gang? Rusa was really confused. She was under immense stress and at that very moment the other member of the trio, Raj, shouted at Rohit and instructed him to stop his interrogation of Rusa as the time for the Safari they had booked was nearby.

- Yes I am coming, Rohit obliged and moved away from Rusa with a quipping smile and ran towards Raj.

His friend Raj and Mr.Gomez were waiting for him.

They had booked a Private Jeep through the Hotel for the jungle safari. Two more tourists will join them along with a guide from the Forest Dept. and the Driver of the Jeep. In total seven people will travel through the jungles of Simplipal. This safari jeep has three rows of seats. The first row is reserved for the driver and the guide. The second and third rows can accommodate six guests. As there are five guests, all of them can travel comfortably.

The other five people were waiting for them in the Jeep. Once the trio embarked on the car their suffari started.

Covering an expansive area of around 2,750 square kilometers, Simplipal Reserve Forest is one of the largest protected wildlife regions in the country. Known for its diverse flora and fauna, Simlipal is home to several endangered species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, and Indian Bison. This forest plays a vital role in preserving the region's biodiversity and maintaining ecological balance, making it an important area for conservation efforts and research.

In Simplipal Reserve Forest, the land cover types include dense forests, grasslands, wetlands, and agricultural patches. These different land cover types support a wide range of plant and animal species, contributing to the overall biodiversity of the area. Dense and semi-dense forests make up a significant portion of the land cover in the Simplipal Reserve Forest....The Story Continues

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