Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The Damcharra Mystery Part II


The Damcharra Mystery Part II

"Why did the war stop in just one day?"

The story of three friends and their quest to uncover the mystery of the Tunga Sena War which was running for two long years and was suddenly stopped. But Why ? No one knows.

Part II of The Damcharra Mystery will be love tomorrow morning 9am(IST)

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Blue Rafflesia Part 18


“Jayanta? Are you awake ?”

Jayanta was fast asleep in his cozy bed at his house in BBSR. The daytime was extremely hot, and like many others in BBSR, Jayanta's energy level was very low. However, he had finished dinner and was waiting for a reply from Prof. Bhattacharya. The professor was analyzing the appearance of the Blue Rafflesia in real-life photography. Prior to the release of this picture, it was assumed that the Blue Rafflesia was an imaginary plant found in different folklore.

“Yes Sir, I am awake”…Jayanta replied hurriedly. He had just entered the world of dreams and suddenly this disturbance.

“Then come running to my lab. I have something to show you.”..after inviting Jayanta Prof.Bhattacharjee cuts the phone.

Jayanta was shocked but not amazed due to this late-night invitation, as such invitations are common with Professor. Whenever he became extremely excited he invited Jayanta at the wee-hours. So it is assured that he has identified something extremely significant but the problem is he has not divulged about the reason behind his excitement.

However, when your guide calls, it's impossible to ignore it and you have to respond whenever it comes.

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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The Blue Rafflesia Part 17


“So what have you decided? Whether to leave me alone and allow me to do my research or to continue your “mule job” and spy on me?”.. following a brief interval, the speaker proceeds with their discourse.

“If you choose the latter then I have to make you my guest for the rest of your life and otherwise I will let you go. Many fugitives are living free in our country and abroad. Look for them. Give them some attention also. Why me?”

“Yes, Sir…we understand your problem.”…Raj interrupted the voice. “But we are not the mules you are talking about. I and Rohit are students and although Mr.Gomez is working in the Police Dept doesn’t imply that he is into any type of investigative activity. All three of us are friends and have come to Simplipal to visit different locations of the Forest as a tourist not as a part of any team as you have approximated. So please let us enjoy the beautiful scenery and you people do your work.”.

“That’s what I want also”..replied the voice agitatedly.

“So can we go now ?”..Mr.Gomez now quipped at the voice.

“ friend. How can I believe that you will not meddle in my activity.?”

“Do you have any proof that we will meddle in your activity?”

“Oh Ok..You are spot on…OK, friends then you can go away from this place. Just wait a little bit such that I can arrange transportation for all three of you. Other hostages have already been released. But friends please ensure that we are not bothered any further…with this the Voice stopped.

And within 10 seconds the radio blasts along with the speaker.

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The Puri Story Part II


Three friends, traveling from BBSR, arrived late in Puri and struggled to find lodging. A priest appeared and saved the day by taking them to a motel. Despite not knowing him, they followed him.Next?

The Puri Story Part I


This incident took place in 2002 when I was an engineering student in BBSR. We used to visit Puri during the Saraswati Puja. That year we reached Puri late in the night and cant find a hotel to stay.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Blue Rafflesis : Part 16 : In front of a Doctor or a Monster


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Part 16 Starts :

“That’s very nice. Congrats!”…Gomez added gleefully. “But still you have not told us about the way we are disturbing you, my friend”

“Oh, Inspector. Please be patient. I am going to disclose. And I will also explain how you can stop this nuisance of yours and be a part of this revolution. As usual, I am a person who knows how to compensate people for the work they have done for society. So you all will be paid also.”…voice stopped for a while. The modulation of the voice at the time of speaking the last two lines seems to be changed towards what we refer to as aggressive.

“I will of course release all three of you and also the other hostages. But you have to promise one thing.”

“What?”..Now Raj interrupted the voice again.

“Just ask your Government to stop meddling in my affairs. I assure you that I will give my entire invention to them. They can earn from it. Your ministers can develop a sustainable and stable government from my discovery. As a result, millions of people will be free of Cancer even if they are at stage 4. Against this, I will not charge a single penny from your government.”

“ will not have any profit from your invention? But then why you are not getting help from your Government now.? I don’t think our government will have any problem to help you become successful in your noble work.”..Mr.Gomex added.

“Yes, I will share it but first let me complete my invention. Due to these repeated raids by the police, CID, CBI, and also by military intelligence, I am facing a lot of trouble in the completion of this revolutionary innovation. Now they have sent three of you also as a mule.

But you know when you are inventing something so significant you must be very much aware of not only the external enemies but for the internal enemies. That is why I am secretly doing the works of the invention. Earlier I had approached Research Wings of different government and nongovernmental organizations. But each one of them had rejected my proposal and also threatened me as a conman who would have dire consequences if I further disturbed them.

Then I start to do it alone. But I do not have money or power. So my every attempt to see my invention become a reality failed miserably. After that, I decided to adopt the next way available to me. But my determination to see this medicine as reality was strong. So I find a place in a small town college near the Simlipal Reserves. Now I have accomplished the main model and am trying to develop the capsule from the extracts of Blue Rafflesia.”

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Sunday, January 7, 2024

My Tryst with Nature : The Chandra Forest Story Part 4

The story so far: A snake starts to growl from the nearest bush to the tent where we are staying. But no one, not even the experienced villagers was able to find the snake. But why it is angry?

“Now what to do ?” with a voice of submission I replied to the chairman.

“Let me see. Our people have come. You all kindly move away and stand on something that the Cobra can not reach. Because if it suddenly comes out it will try to bite the nearest living creature which it will conceive as a threat.”…looking at my team the Chairman directed.

However one of my teammates refused to agree with the instructions as he is also from a village located in the other part of Bengal. He also joined the search party. I jumped up to the “Khatia” and the other remaining members moved to a distance far away from the bush from where the sound was coming.

However, after three to four hours of searching nothing can be found. So the villagers stop their search and return to their village as within that time the darkness of night is slowly but steadily engulfing the place. When all the villagers returned the chairman told to the two people who were looking after us :

"Please stay here tonight. Don't abandon the city dwellers."...and with a smile, he departs for his village. Thus, we were joined by the two villagers who were taking care of us for the evening. Following the completion of their cooking and our own dinner, we all gathered to talk about the things that had happened today. We built a fire and sat around it, each holding a cup of coffee.

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